Accessing Safe and Positive Recovery and Bridge Housing

Last updated: July 27, 2021
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Facilitated by Pete Nielsen and Kristina Padilla

This workshop is a panel discussion led by state and national experts on recovery residence housing. The first half of the presentation provides up-to-date information about ways in which treatment programs can identify and access quality recovery housing. Participants will find out from the experts the latest regulatory changes and updates and how to stay ahead of upcoming regulations regarding patient brokering, disclosure laws, and labor disputes. Differences between treatment and recovery housing will be outlined and important questions concerning this dividing line will be answered.

Participants will learn how to form and nurture great referral relationships with some of the best recovery residence providers in California. Insights on how to place priority populations (LGBTQ, Veterans, Gender Specific, Sex Offenders, Reentry) with care and empathy will be discussed. A “How To” on intake at a recovery residence will also be demonstrated so that programs can better understand the screening process and the client centered nature of proper placements.

The second half of the panel discussion will be centered on teaching treatment programs about the rewarding realm of providing recovery residence housing in their communities. Presented with a take home, “basic start-up kit” for creating a recovery residence, the panel will answer commonly asked questions regarding recovery residence management, including: relapse; intake and discharge protocols; Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) in recovery housing; medication monitoring  versus dosing; how to engage residents as members of a “functional family;  house manager contracting; and ways to face NIMBY discrimination.

Participants will be encouraged to engage in extensive Q&A with industry leaders that can help interested programs to better operate and manage a recovery residence.

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